Bletchley Park

Once Britain’s Best Kept Secret, today Bletchley Park is a heritage site and vibrant tourist attraction. Open daily, visitors can explore some of the iconic WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks and marvel at the astonishing achievements of the Codebreakers whose work is said to have helped shorten the war by two years.

Bletchley Park and its tremendous story have featured regularly in film and television over the past few years.  From the BBC’s Antiques’ Roadshow to Operation Mincemeat, the Timewatch Special, Codebreakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes and the 2014 film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Most recently, the hugely popular ITV drama, The Bletchley Circle Series Two was broadcast and attracted an average of 5 million viewers per episode.  The series was filmed on location at Bletchley Park and dramatic clips, interviews and fascinating behind the scenes photographs can all be viewed during your visit.

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